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tien03's Journal

21 June
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I'm currently a student at Purdue North Central.I'm going for an assoiciates in Business. I am hoping that one of these degrees will help me get a better job and out of Burger King. I tend to be a loner. All my close friends have moved. Most of my other friends are off doing their own thing with school and their friends. I wish I still had someone still here to hang out with and talk to. I am interested in the paranormal. I have been interested since I have and some experiences of my own. I love to watch Ghost Adventures. It is my favorite show. I have seen every episode so far, and I don't miss any of the new episodes every Friday night. I usually spend my week going to school and doing homework. Then I spend my weekends working and doing more homework. If there's anything else you want to know about me, just ask.